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down together #2!



Champion is an emotional fucking song about succeeding at who you are and it’s place in the series RESONATES.


thanks for the advice dude

the boss fight became a joke when i got to that area

still really badly designed though

Originally Centipede Demon was going to be the boss you fight ontop of the bell tower before he was moved to the demon ruins.  i feel like  the bell gargoyles was a step up.


i dont understand what the fuck is happening in the centipede demon fight

the camera goes nuts and i cant lock on right or anything

You have to head over to a safe zone to the right of the arena.  you actually start the boss fight in the worst possible spot.  theres a really big open area to the right that you can safely peck at his legs from, but it’s not initially visible.  You have to hug the wall and you’ll find it.  Alternatively, you can go human and summon Solaire to tank the boss for you.  it can’t hurt him.



Embarrassing the girlfriend.

I’m gonna have a heck of a time producin’ comics as cute as l-cardenas-draws’.
Also OH MY GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDNESS, brilliant stuff again! Thank you!!




Embarrassing the girlfriend.

I’m gonna have a heck of a time producin’ comics as cute as l-cardenas-draws’.

Also OH MY GOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDNESS, brilliant stuff again! Thank you!!





Playin’ around with that old Dogū girl design.

what a beefy babe !


Playin’ around with that old Dogū girl design.

what a beefy babe !

Dark Souls intended playthrough

 ——- 1 ——-

Northern Undead Asylum
Firelink Shrine
  * Asylum Demon

Undead Burg
Undead Parish
 * Tauros Demon
 = Havel the Rock
 + Hellkite Drake
 = Prowling Demon
 * Capra Demon
 = Black Knight & Channeler
 * Bell Gargoyles

 ——- 2 ——-

Tomb of the Giants
 = Prowling Demon
 * Pinwheel
 - Vince and Nico
 - Petrus of Thorolund

The Depths
Quelaag’s Domain
 - Kirk, Knight of Thorns
 * Gaping Dragon
 - Melinda the Butcher
 * Chaos Witch Quelaag
 > Fair Lady

 ——- 3 ——-

Northern Undead Asylum
 - Ostrava of Astora
 * Stray Demon

Sen’s Fortress
 - Griggs of Vinheim
 * Iron Golem
 = Gargoyle

Painted World of Armaias
 = Undead Dragon
 - Xanthous King, Jeremiah
 * Halfbreed Priscilla

Anor Londo
 = Prowling Demon
 - Knight Lautrec of Carim
 * Dragonslayer Ornstien
 & Executioner Smaugh

The Duke’s Archives
Crystal Caves
 + Seath the Scaleless
 - Rhea of Thorolund
 > Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight
 - Lady of the Darkling
 * Dark Sun Gwyndolin
 * Seath the Scaleless
 - Big Hat Logan

 ——- 4 ——-

Darkroot Garden
Darkroot Basin
 * Moonlight Butterfly
 = Hydra
 - Forest Hunters
 * Sif, the Great Greywolf

New Londo Ruins
Valley of Drakes
The Abyss
 * The Four Kings
 = Undead Dragon

Royal Wood
Battle of Stoicism
Oolacile Township
Chasm of the Abyss
 * Sanctuary Gaurdian
 * Knight Artorias
 > Lord’s Blade Ciaran
 - Jester Thomas
 * Black Dragon Kalameet
 * Manus, Father of the Abyss

 ——- 5 ——-

Firelink Altar
Demon Ruins
Lost Izalith
> Shiva of the East & Bodyguard
 - Laurentious of the Great Swamp
 * Ceaseless Discharge
 - Kirk, Knight of Thorns
 * Demon Firesage
 * Centipede Demon
 - Kirk, Knight of Thorns
 & Daughter of Chaos
 = Prowling Demon
 - Solaire of Astora
 * Bed of Chaos

Ash Lake
Tomb of the Giants
 = Hydra
 - Paladin Leeroy
 * Gravelord Nito

Kiln of the First Flame
 * Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

The Dark Lord Ending






yay!  :3

You just know that dan's going to make you play more smash bros. eventually. you might as well learn a character so you don't get totally stomped and can embarass him on national television.


I won the first three games we played on Friday.

that was a great fridays



That weird 10 seconds of good animation in an episode always weirds me out.

I love it though


when’s the babysitter bandit coming back?

The Pharros Mask isn't confirmation of where Pharros ended up. Stop being obnoxious about people having different theories about videogames, it's your only flaw.

Pat obviously got the joke and thought it was cute. The idea that his only flaw is a thing that he’s made a meme of within his videos is absurd and hilarious.  it is also a compliment because it implies he has no other flaws.

Pharros mechanisms exist within Vendrick’s land.  Vendrick conqured the old great ones when he founded Dranglaec.  You find Pharos mechanisms in Aldia’s Keep and other Vendrick built structures.  Pharros had to have been around during or after Vendrick’s rule for this timeline to make sense.  Ergo: Pharros can’t be the rotten because he was STILL building contraptions in a point in time after the Rotten’s confirmed existence.

The DLC adds lore to the game on who the rotten may be.  this wasn’t there before, but its there now.  Additionally, The Rotten’s working name was “Gryth the Rotten” until boss names for old ones were altered to be ambiguous to match Shalquoir’s Dialogue.

There’s evidence that points the Rotten to being the Sunken King since the DLC came out, and I made a post on that in a reblog of Pat’s answer.  I’m mostly answering this to bring up evidence that draws Pharros away from the Rotten.  The identities of these characters are more like solving riddles than creating theories, as there is now content within the game to put pieces together.  There wasn’t any before because From launched the game with incomplete lore.  ;(

Also, I’ve been totally chatting with DaveControlLive, widey regarded as the guy who first crafted the Rotten as Pharros theory, and he’s admitted that the landscape on lore has changed and Rotten’s identity has now come into question again.  He’s a pretty cool dude and it’s great that he’s totally up for adjusting his theories to match the times.

But yeah, that’s my response, ANONYMOUS the .

Silent Hill 3girl HEATHER MASON has something to say about the state of SILENTS HILL games.

Silent Hill 3girl HEATHER MASON has something to say about the state of SILENTS HILL games.

The Rotten is The Sunken King, not Pharros. There is actually confirmation for where Pharros ends up in one of the dlc's. stop being wrong about dark souls 2, pat. it's your only flaw. (If you notice, the lockstone doesn't drop from the rotten, it drops from a hollow that falls out of him.)


Really? I beat both DLCs and I must have missed it. Where’s Pharros at?

You find it at the end of Iron Passage, which probably means Smelter Demon fucking bodied him.

About Pharros, you find his contraptions in and around Vendrick’s shit, such as Aldia’s Keep being the big one.  We’re told that Vendrick conquered the Four Great Old Ones when he came to Dranglaec, so if Pharros was pharrosing around Aldia’s, he’d have to have been from during or after Vendrick’s rule, for the timelines to match up.

With that, it leaves the identity of The Rotten open to being someone else.  (Note that it was recently uncovered that his in-dev name was Gryth the Rotten.  So The Rotten was never intended to be someone from the lore that made it into the release version of DS2)  

The obvious solution would be to follow the trail from the DLC that lies beyond him.  Two major things.  One: Rotten is crying when you’re standing outside of his room. Two: He’s not building a statue, it’s actually a broken statue, if you look closely at the neck and head it’s broken off. Rotten’s clumsily trying to put it back together and failing.  This displays an attachment to the statue.

When you speak with Sweet Shalquoir, she says that no one remembers the Old Ones’ names anymore.  On each of the DLC crowns this line is parroted as telling you no one remembers the king’s name anymore.  Yorgh is said to have defeated the Sunken King, but you never find his body.  The Soul of the Old Dead One empowered him in his death and he became the gross creature we fight, made up of the remnants of the world above cast down into the lower world.  (It also explains why the Gutter is so well furnished, with carpeting, beds, and idols placed so specifically arround the homes, since it may be built from the remnants of Shulva’s citizens after Shulva was wiped out.)

Additionally, The Sunken King is likely the human that broke the treaty with the rats, and founded a city where light does not touch, driving rats from their homes.

Looking forward to the next DLC in 9 days.  it will probably delve into the heide-bastille area and fill in lore for the lost sinner.  I’m betting we get a 4th something for beating them, dealing with the shrine of winter, and maybe we get a change to the ending.  Emerald Herald’s Child model was found in the game recently, it’s very possible that we’ll have a “Memory of the Emerald Herald” added to the game.  I’m really hoping we get a new final boss after we beat nashandra with all the crowns.  

It’s a very exciting time for souls fans, wondering what this will end up as in the end.  Elana’s Soul talks about the “Day of Reckoning”, and Vendrick talks about seeking the crowns and seeking the throne, so maybe something happens after that fade to black.  Maybe we return “to the outer world” where the castle in the lake sat underneath a red moon, returning to the 4th firekeeper…we’ll know soon enough what it’s all about, anyways.